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G.G.I Festival

29th of may G.G.I Festival Ireland


Fleas and Lice (Groningen)
Blood or Whiskey (Ireland)
Scunnered (Glasgow)
Moutpiece (Ireland)
Makiladoras (Groningen)
Easpa Measa (Ireland)
Sherman M4 (Ireland)

Sunday line up is

Runnin Riot(Ireland)
the steam pig(Ireland)
los destructos(Glasgow)
the dagda(Ireland)
the dangerfields(Ireland)
foot n mouth(Ireland)
Bincharge(not confirmed yet)

Tickets are priced at €15 euro for the weekend including camping etc. Children and people travelling from abroad are free, you will need to send for your free ticket though if coming from abroad.
We had hoped to have concessions but with more detailed costs available to us we were faced with a choice of either concessions for Irish people or having it free for people from abroad .
As those travelling from abroad will have greater expenses we opted for having it free for them. However we think the festival is still great value.
Tickets are priced so as to cover the costs, not to make money, a full breakdown of where the money went will be posted here after the festival.

From Abroad.

We have 85 tickets put aside for people travelling from abroad. Simply e mail us your name and we will put you on the list for these tickets. we will confirm that we got your names by return e mail.
Then e mail us again when you have confirmed that you are defintiely coming - eg have arranged your travel, include your address and we will post you the tickets - you dont even have to pay for the stamps!! Who says nothing is free in this life?
You can book these tickets as of today by e-mailing
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